Dec 11, 2013


Serums or Creams

Creams have been the cornerstone of skincare since time and form by far the majority of skincare products. Over recent years there has been a significant and ongoing increase in the use and number of serum products.

Serums come in different forms – gels, oils, liquids and light lotions. They are generally regarded more as a treatment for the skin. They can address problems such as acne, rosacea, pigmentation, oily and ageing skin. Serums have the ability to penetrate deeper into the skin to deliver the active ingredients. They are usually highly concentrated and contain more ingredients than most creams. A good serum should contain ingredients such as peptides, collagen, vitamins and nutrients and I have to say I love serums.

So, does that mean serums instead of creams. No, there is certainly a place for both. There is nothing nicer than applying a beautiful cream to the skin. Good night creams can give the skin a radiance and a luxurious and nurturing feel.They will hold and maintain moisture and will leave a protective layer on the skin. Face creams nourish, soften and protect the skin. They treat the surface of the skin. And applying a beautiful cream represents ‘Me Time’.

So the answer is, there is a place for both.


Nov 18, 2013


Iris Extract

Iris Florentina Extract

There are about 200 species of Iris.

Iris Extract is botanically derived from the roots of the Iris – Iris Florintina and Iris Iridaceae. Iris was named after the Greek goddess of the rainbow, who was a messenger of the Olympian gods.

Iris flower extract has been demonstrated in clinical studies to reduce the depth of wrinkles, hold and maintain moisture and increase elasticity. Iris is rich in Isoflavones that helps to revitalise  thanks to its oestrogen-like activity. It helps those fine lines and wrinkles. Researchers now classify the Iris Extract as an anti-ageing ingredient in skin care.

You can find Iris Florentia in Crème Absolute and Ultra Day.