Cleansing your skin

Rice-Milk-Cleanser-e1377577569536A good cleansing routine is essential to achieve, clean, smooth and balanced skin.

One common myth is that if you have a skin problem, be it acne, congested, dull or oily skin it can be addressed by constant and zealous scrubbing. This is wrong. Most cleansers have a surfactant of some sort and some of these can be extremely harsh on the skin. They can also remove the good oils that the skin produces to protect itself. Unless you have excessively oily skin there is also no need to cleanse your skin twice a day but even if you do,do it gently.

The ideal time to cleanse your skin is at night, the main purpose being to remove grime, dirt and make up. And just a tip here, unless you are using waterproof mascara there is no need to have a separate cleanser for your eyes. A good cleanser will do both.

I like to use a damp muslin cloth and naturally I use my Rice Milk Cleanser. It is gentle and suitable for all skin types. Organic Rice Milk and Watermelon Seed Oil help to balance the skin while Nettle extract and Burdock remove any impurities. Yucca is there for its cleansing properties and Honey Myrtle and Petitgrain lend a beautiful citrus aroma.

After application I simply remove with warm water. This leaves my skin cleansed, smooth soft and balanced. A quick splash with Tonique to hydrate and I’m ready to apply my serums and or creams.

Obviously any skincare product works better on clean and receptive skin.

I also give my face a splash of Tonique in the morning as a boost. It’s not really necessary but I like to spoil myself.

Jan 2, 2014



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